The man of God is doing a great missionary work all over the world and pursues to plant more churches around the globe.

He was called into Pastoral Ministry in the year 1988 and dedicated full time to the ministry in 1993. He was ordained as an evangelist in the year 1990 and then as a pastor in 1993 by Arc. Bishop Malachi Ramsay. He was later consecrated as the first bishop for Christian Hope Ministries International by the Ministerial Council of Great Britain Bishopric Council 2002.

Bishop Dr. Dr. Akwaboah holds a diploma in the degree of licentiate in theology, a double Bachelor degree with distinction in Human Resources Management and Pastoral leadership from Trinity Bible College and theological seminary accredited by the University of Liverpool, London.

He also owes a Masters degree in Administration and a Doctorate of PhD in pastoral ministry from Newburg Theological Seminary Evansville in Indiana, U.S.A. In addition, he has a Doctorate in theology from the North Carolina College of Theology in US.

He now stands as Bishop Dr. Dr. Akwaboah and Dean of North Carolina's College of Theology Satellite Extension Program in Ghana, West Africa. Bishop Dr. Dr. Akwaboah has been married to Elizabeth Amo Mensah Akwaboah for the past 30 years, with seven children, six boys and a girl. All of the children are saved.

Bishop is popularly known for his outstanding work in the deliverance ministry, his gift of healing, and miraculous and prophetic insights. He teaches and preaches the pure doctrine of the Lord (The apostles' doctrine).